Stephanie DiPietro L.Ac., NBAO

Services Offered:

Bullet  Oriental Medicine including; Acupuncture, Herbs, Cupping, Moxa and more:
Bullet Complementary, Functional & Integrative Approaches to Health care
Bullet Orthomolecular Nutrition:  Botanical Medicine: Essential Oils
Bullet Food and Dietary Therapies; Detoxification Protocols; Homeopathy
Bullet Modern Diagnostic Laboratory Testing & Evaluation
Bullet Biphoton Light Therapy &  The Amethyst Crystal Far Infrared Biomat;
Neurofeedback, HeartMath
Quantum Physics Scanning for Essential Oils
Orthopedic Techniques & Therapeutic Body Work Modalities
Bullet Bio-impedance Analysis  along with First Line Therapy Protocols

OHA  is committed to helping others to improve the quality of their well-being while embracing a philosophy of compassionate care. A Functional Medical approach involves an evaluation process which  includes the completion of  health assessment forms and may also include  laboratory  testing which examines blood, saliva, stool, or urine depending on your health concerns,  symptoms, and other relevant factors. Genomic testing is also available.  The data that’s gathered will impact what steps need to be taken in order to fine tune the approach required to gain the desired  results.

While energetically mingling Western, Eastern and Ancient wisdom, the goal is to cultivate and sustain vitality and longevity.  While there are always challenges, there are also opportunities to learn from these challenges and transform them into something meaningful.  The information gained as the result of this pursuit will provide the insights required to enable you to make informed  decisions that will facilitate long term self care, improve your capacity to handle stress, improve your neurological function, as well as enhance the performance of your genes.  This is truly a most amazing time to maximize  genetic potential through lifestyle choices and nutrition.